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1. Liability 
Plastibac took great care in the development of its website. All information, graphics and documents on the Plastibac website are the result of meticulous research and input. Plastibac strives to provide information that is as accurate and as complete as possible. Plastibac cannot be held in anyway responsible or liable for any inaccuracies or omissions, or for any errors or misunderstandings arising from these inaccuracies or omissions. If you notice inaccuracies or omissions, please contact our marketing department through marketing@plastibac.eu. Malfunctions, breakdowns, defects or deficiencies in the electronic delivery of the services accessed via the websites do not under any circumstances give the right to financial compensation. 

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The Plastibac website may contain links to websites operated by third-parties. These links have been created purely for the information of the user. Plastibac does not control these websites, nor do we verify the information they contain. Plastibac cannot be held responsible for the content or the quality of these websites. A link does not imply any collaboration between Plastibac and the exploiters of these websites, nor does it imply that Plastibac has approved the information on these websites. You may create a link on your own website to the home page of the Plastibac website. The webpage which includes this hyperlink must disappear completely and the URL address www.plastibac.eu must be clearly visible. 

3. Intellectual Property Rights 
You recognize that the information and the data provided by this website are and will remain the property of Plastibac. All texts, images and other items on this website are protected by copyright. If you wish to reproduce them or to disseminate them by whatsoever means, then you must first obtain the explicit written permission of Plastibac, unless this is not required under the stipulations of the law regarding copyright and allied rights. For instance, you have the right to download and to print information from this website for personal use and also the right to circulate and to use this information free of charge within your domestic circle. Some names, symbols and logos on this website are registered trademarks. These you may not use. 

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